UPDATED October 3, 2016


Georgetown Lake water surface elevation was at 6428.26 feet to end September. That elevation is about one-tenth of a foot higher than the long-term and short-term average. The lake lost 714 acre feet during September which amounts to an average of 12 cfs.  Average September outflow measured at the USGS gaging station was 27.2 cfs, therefore net lake inputs for the month averaged 15.2 cfs, which is 69% of the long-term norm. Outflow is currently set at about 14 cfs, and the lake is rising slightly.

September precipitation measured 1.80 inches at Peterson Meadows, which is 98% of normal, and Water Year 2016 (ending September 30) registered a total of 27.6 inches at Peterson Meadows, which is 105% of normal precip. As we enter the new water year, conditions look quite good at the lake.

The NWS forecast calls for tough weather at the lake this week, with good chances of precipitation including snow and nighttime temperatures below freezing. The NWS has issued a Winter Weather Advisory for the area, which is great news depending on your perspective and planned activities. For the long term, the current CPC forecast shows elevated probability of above-normal precipitation through March, and elevated probability of above-normal air temperatures for much of the winter.

Since last month saw 69% of normal lake inputs, I ran the model using that figure going forward. If the weather forecast pans out, the precipitation this week alone could substantially alter that low (69%) input figure.  Also at this time of year, lake evaporation and plant transpiration decrease dramatically. So in the short term, it is likely that inputs will exceed the 69% of normal.

The attached graphic shows model output based on 14 cfs outflow through the winter, and 69% of normal inputs. It’s a good looking scenario. Lake freezeup is typically in late November, and the model shows a water level of 6428.36 feet which is right where it should be heading into winter.

Thanks, Dave

D. Amman, Montana DNRC, 444-6648


Georgetown Lake Fire Department, 
Deer Lodge and Granite Counties, Montana
Public Protection Classification: 07 /10
Effective Date: June 01, 2016
Dear Mr . Dick Verstraete ,
1000 Bishops Gate Blvd. Ste. 300
Mt. Laurel NJ 08054-5404
t 1.800.444.4554 Opt 2
f 1.800.777.3929

We wish to thank you Mr. Fred Bjorklund and Chief Fred Bjorklund for your cooperation during our recent Public Protection Classification (PPC) survey. ISO has completed its analysis of the structural fire suppression delivery system provided in your community. The resulting classification is indicated above.


Please Read the entire letter by clicking on this link --> Public Protection Validation Document

Please View the Hydrant Flow Data chart by clicking on this link --> Hydrant Flow Data



Development Permit System

Review & Comment Meeting

Georgetown Lake HOA Board Members

Thursday, November 20 at noon, Seven Gables


The purpose of this meeting is to review and provide comment on Anaconda-Deer Lodge County’s draft rewrite of the Development Permit System (DPS). These regulations pertain ONLY to Deer Lodge County. This meeting is open to the public, but its primary purpose is to provide an opportunity for HOA Board members to review the draft regulations, ask questions, and provide comments to the County.


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