59901233620614floattube.jpgGeorgetown Flats was a meadow perched near the divide of Warm Springs and Flint Creek in the upper Clark Fork Drainage. This divide also serves as the border between Granite County and Deer Lodge County. Georgetown Flats was transformed into a reservoir by the impoundment of the North Fork of Flint Creek. The first version of the reservoir was created in 1885 to produce power. The dam was raised to a full pool elevation of 6424.5 feet around 1900, and again in `1919 to its current full pool elevation of 6429.5 feet. The reservoir is currently used for water storage and recreation with a possible resumption of power production in the future.

The morphology of Georgetown Lake reflects that of the original Georgetown Flats. The deepest location in the reservoir is 10.7 m at full pool and is located near the dam, and the average full pool depth is 4.9 m. The reservoir has a full pool surface area of 1479 ha, and has an irregular shape with numerous bays. The lake is fed primarily by the North Fork Flint Creek and groundwater with smaller volumes from spring fed Stuart Mill Creek.

Georgetown Lake is an outstanding recreational resource for activities such as sightseeing, boating, swimming, camping, snowmobiling, and in particular fishing. In 2005 Georgetown Lake was the 7th most heavily fished lake in the state, a remarkable statistic given the reservoir’s moderate size. The anglers are lured in by the high catch rates for kokanee and rainbow trout and the large size of the rainbow trout and brook trout.



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